Friends are like…

Friends are like mangos, hard on the outside but soft on the inside.

Friends are like water melons, when you fire them at a wall with a giant catapult they go splat.

Friends are like fruits, the ones you buy aren’t as good as the ones you make yourself.

Friends are like tomatoes, you mistake them as a different species untill your mum tells you that they are somthing completely different.

Friends are like fish, you feel sorry for them when you look them in the eye.

Friends are like cabbages, thats all I need to say.

Friends are like foods, with out them where gone.

Friends are like foods, they can’t sing.

Friends are like bulls, hwen you sit on there backs they try to get you off.

Friends are like your family, you are stuck with them.

Friends are like food, assential to life.







4 thoughts on “Friends are like…

  1. Hello Vaughan,
    You’re so true. Many people are tough in the outside and soft in the inside, many people try to be tough but deep down inside of them is a soft and sensitive person hiding inside them. No matter how much a person tries to be tough on the outside they’re still soft in the inside and that’s how we all are. I think!

  2. Hey,
    I totally agree with Mary. I Love Mangoes! I love your post too. Friends are like mangoes. Although people are hard on the outside everyone is soft on the inside.

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