Good Advice for Bad Friends

This is a post (obviously) on how to know if your friend is a good one. I’m not a great friend so I should know these sort of things.

1.They don’t invite you to your birthday, instead they invite people they’re not friends with but have lots of money.

2.they only play single player games when your around.

3.they don’t shout you out when you do it all the time.

4. they take little interest of you when your at school.

5.they realize that friends ends with ends.

6.They stay out of contact of you, and your the last friend they ring.


2 thoughts on “Good Advice for Bad Friends

  1. Oh my gosh Vaughan,
    This is so true. These are all qualities of a bad friend. I would not hang out with a person like that. I mean that’s just awful plain terrible. I mean friends are like forever they’re always by your side. That’s what I think good friends are like!

    • To Mary
      I was so close to not approving this comment, but then that’s one less comment that I don’t have. You are a good friend but you’re supposed to be modest so others don’t feel bad. Get with the program.(Just kidding)
      From Vaughan

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